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Marketing Automation

React in real-time with advanced automation and campaign triggers

marketing automationmarketing automation


Retain, engage or re-engage your customers without difficulty

You have every reason to use marketing automation to maintain an open dialogue with your customers. Give free rein to your creativity and implement effective tactics to:

  • Maintain interest in your content
  • Increase revenue for your customers
  • Validate satisfaction following a transaction
  • Remind important dates
  • Wish a happy birthday
  • Introduce your company
  • And much more!

Remain present throughout your customer’s journey and become an integral part of their lives!


A completely rethought editor

Work on your scenarios on a large virtual whiteboard

Plus! You will find important improvements:

  • Adding the sending of automated SMS messages
  • Multiple triggers
  • More intuitive and easy to use interface
  • More statistics on the performance of your scenario
  • Integration of customizable templates

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A solution in omnichannel mode

Combine multiple channels for building effective campaigns

Incorporate multiple channels into a single scenario to increase your marketing impact and better meet your customers’ needs.

This way, you will plan and develop personalized scenarios that will automatically be launched based on your contacts’ preferences, reactions and behaviors.

And, you will re-engage inactive contacts based on multiple data and scenarios, so your brand remains visible and relevant to your customers.

Use multiple triggers

Launch your scenarios at the most appropriate time

Deploy communications following a contact’s action, such as a visit to a website, in a communication or with any other transactional and profiling data.

Combining customer data and actions, campaigns can become precise, creating more and more relevance and interesting content to your customers.

Ultimately, personalization based on the actions of each of your customers will ensure a higher level of engagement and satisfaction.

Dynamic content and product recommendations

Increase your contacts’ engagement and conversion rates with dynamic messages tailored to each contact.

Get instant results with: 

  • Product recommendation based on purchase history
  • Offers based on website visits
  • Content adapted to the customer
  • Incentives based on the customer’s purchasing cycle

In short, communications that are increasingly relevant to your customers!

Deploy automated interactive projects

Manage complex business processes directly in the platform

With a solution and modules as flexible as ours, our team can support you in your craziest marketing campaign projects. No matter what level of interactivity you want to offer your customers, challenge us and you won’t be disappointed.

Develop fully customized tools based on your organization’s own business processes. A possibility that no other campaign orchestration tool can do!

It doesn’t stop there!
You will also have access to:

  • Customizable or pre-configured automated scenario templates
  • A/X testing directly in your automated scenarios
  • Statistics on the performance of your scenarios
  • Automated file exports
  • Automated import/export of contacts
  • Automated contact profile update
  • Engine to manage display conditions in your messages
  • Advanced targeting tool in scenarios, through clause management
  • Blackout date when launching scenarios

Technical details
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