Customer Data

Offer your customers a unique and personalized experience

We now offer a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that centralizes all the information about your contacts. This unified view offers endless opportunities to support your strategic decision-making. You will better personalize your communications to create strong and unique relationships with each customer.

Develop data driven marketing strategies

Through the centralization of data from different sources, Dialog Insight provides a 360-degree view of every customers. This marks the move from segment targeting to hyper-targeting.

Another main advantage of the Customer Data Platform is the predictive analysis to determine the best course of actions. In addition to this, we offer tools to continuously collect key information on your current and future customers that can be reused through other marketing activities.

So, harness the full power of your data to increase your sales and customer engagement.


  • Continuous enrichment of your customer knowledge
  • Increase your customers’ engagement
  • Support for decision-making and more effective strategies

Our ambition? That you take total control of your data and enhance your marketing actions.

Customer Data

Discover all the
possibilities of our solution

Single Customer View (SCV)

Dialog Insight offers a powerful feature that can gather data from multiple systems in one place. Choose your data sources, define your business rules and get a contact database that supports the deployment of personalized marketing strategies.

Create your SCV to better leverage your customer knowledge!

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Data acquisition

The flexibility of Dialog Insight’s means that no matter what data source you have, or how many needs to be connected… we can and will connect to it! Also, enjoy up-to-date information with automated retrieval of data from external systems.

Use our data acquisition modules to gather and gain the whole view of your customer’s behavior!

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Advanced personalization

Use your data to create relevant marketing campaigns and provide personalized communications that your customers will appreciate.

Once your business intelligence is in place on Dialog Insight, you will be able to better define your customer segments and provide them with appropriate content.

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