Customer data

Data management and acquisition

Get to know your customers, develop your business intelligence, and reap the rewards

customer data managementcustomer data management


Enrich your customer knowledge

Whether your business objectives are to acquire new customers or to retain existing ones, we offer tools to help you recognize their needs and better meet them.

Identify business opportunities on each of your contacts by tracking their behavior, and thus achieve successful campaigns!


Automated data update tools

Because you have other things to do than manage your lists

Choose a recurring file transfer or use our web services to automatically update your customer data. We also offer data management by:

  • API connectors
  • Manual or automated data extraction
  • Import/export

Need help processing your data before using it? No problem, Dialog Insight has the solution for you.

Customizable and scalable data structure

To follow your current and future needs 

Our application has been developed on the concept of relational databases.

On the technical side, it means that you have the flexibility to adapt to any external data structure. Not only at the time of its implementation, but also throughout the evolution of internal business needs.

On the marketing side, this means that you can use all internal data to segment and personalize your communications according to your contacts’ lifecycle.

Transactional data

Identify additional sales opportunities

Learn more about your customers by adding transactional data to their profile and provide deals for complementary items through personalized campaigns. Or connect your e-commerce site, follow your customers actions, and reactivate their carts through campaigns.

You will communicate much more relevant offers, product recommendation, or effectively bring customers back to your online store.

Behavioral monitoring

Follow customers through their journey

Understand your customers’ journey and pinpoint appropriate times to contact them. We offer a module dedicated to analyzing behaviors, which determines the appropriate time, content, and channel to communicate with different audiences.

Profit from our customer journey tool, which records the path of your contacts, or their communication history (page opened, clicks, etc.).

All this is integrated into your contacts’ files to support your targeting!

Lead generation

Add subscription features to your website

Are you in a B2B context? Our various lead generation modules facilitate the deployment of data acquisition forms through your communications, web pages, or even landing pages that you have created from our platform. No need to know programming to use them.

You can also integrate these forms into web pages, or even landing pages that you have created in Dialog Insight.

New contacts will be acquired wherever you want, so that it counts.

Web Interceptors

Encourage visitors to your website in order to develop a relationship

Continue to acquire new contacts with interceptors placed at key points in your visitors’ web journey.

Whether it is to redirect to an attractive offer, or to fill out a consent and subscription form, the possibilities are always adaptable to your needs.

They are simple to implement and ensure that your acquisition objectives are met.

It doesn’t stop there!
You will also have access to:

  • Management of explicit and implicit consents in accordance with the DGPS and C-28
  • Full export of sending histories
  • Data processing after import
  • Automated imports and exports
  • SFTP server for secure data transfer
  • Unlimited number of fields in contact sheets
  • Quarantine of addresses in error of delivery
  • Multiple relational data (transaction, information request, etc.)
  • Web behavioral monitoring (known and unknown)
  • Competition generator
  • Refer a friend form
  • Event registration management
  • Download form
  • Complete survey module

Technical details
Discover all the features of Dialog Insight

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