Marketing performance

Maximize the success of your campaigns with results that exceed your objectives

Whether before, during or after the implementation of your marketing campaigns, you can always return to Dialog Insight’s analytical tools to guide your decisions.

Value each of your actions

Analyze your campaigns to implement better practices that will resonate with each customer. Our analysis tool offers your teams the chance to:

  • Get an overview of data, investments, and results
  • Have control over expenditures and resources
  • Align the marketing plan with the work done by the teams
  • Be confident about what works, and identify what doesn’t

Give yourself the speed, agility and visibility you need to optimize your work and results!


  • Run fully optimized campaigns
  • Increase the efficiency of your marketing actions

  • Deploy smart campaigns

Our ambition? That you can make decisions that have a real impact on your marketing campaigns

Performance marketing

See what we offer

Complete dashboards

Monitor your performances through dashboard analysis available on the platform. Enrich your campaigns with performance data and create new marketing activities. Define your KPIs and compare your results to detect possible improvements.

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Optimization tools

Use message simulation and A/X testing features to review and optimize the content of your messages. Choose the best content and maximize your results. Dialog Insight makes it easy to perform all your tests across multiple devices and systems.

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ROI measurement

Use our e-commerce solution to link your online store with our platform. Understand your clients more thoroughly, through the recording of sales on the platform. Compare sales and your costs to determine profitability of marketing and sales campaigns. Make sure to always deliver 100% relevant campaigns to drive sales and ROI up.

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Increase the performance of your emails

Download our checklist, and find out how to measure the success of your emails with the right KPIs

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