Campaign Orchestration

Marketing Asset Management

Take advantage of our tools and services to easily and quickly set up your campaigns and ensure the profitability of your marketing actions

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Relevant content to make you stand out

Our tools and services will support your business and marketing decisions so you can build campaigns that go a step further. 

Whether it is to simply inform a customer, push an offer, choose an image, or promote a product, our platform makes it easy for you to manage all marketing assets. 

Ensure that these elements are always optimal !


Content management

Manage your image and content library in the same tool

By integrating your Single Customer View and contact data into our unified platform, you can more easily produce content tailored to the profiles of each of your contacts.

Easily access a range of assets related to the organization, all in order to standardize messages and your brand image.


Performance of your content

Define offers, their validity period and business rules

Dialog Insight manages all your marketing assets, including coupons, special offers, discounts, and much more.

Just create the business rules to manage all that, and let the application automatically distribute these messages and see the results. You will be able to continuously adapt and improve the content of your communication with our profitability analysis tools.

Therefore, the creation of your campaigns will be much easier, and your asset will always be on point. 

Basic templates

Be efficient with easy-to-use interfaces

Save time and money by using the right tools. Use our optimal templates or create your own to deliver consistency of brand image in your campaigns.

The user-friendly interfaces in Drag and Drop content editor make everything consistent and effortless, so you can dedicate your time towards other meaningful tasks.

You have full control over the realization of your personalized email campaigns.

Custom templates

Are the basic templates not suitable for you? No problem! We can develop custom templates, whether for emails, landing pages, interceptors, and much more!

Contact our team of experts to let them know your desires. Our experts will follow you through this process to optimize your templates based on your desires and the most up-to-date best practices.

Technical details
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