Campaign Orchestration

Omnichannel Campaign Manager

Use the most effective channel to reach your contacts, and provide an even more memorable customer experience

customer campaign managementcustomer campaign management


Deliver a consistent brand experience throughout the customer journey

Develop and structure personalized campaigns on online and offline channels, based on identified customer’s preferences and behaviors. Dialog Insight is a unified tool which facilitates, with its integrated view, decision making for marketing efforts such as:

  • The commercial pressure
  • The use of appropriate channels
  • The right content for each customer and channel

No more marketing actions that bring no value, your contacts will be much more engaged and satisfied of your communication’s content!


Sending emails

Customize your content to increase results

Create responsive emails in a few clicks with easy-to-use interfaces in Drag and Drop. Easily adjust colors, images and content to match your emails to your organization’s branding and values.

Include highly personalized and dynamic content to remain relevant to all your contacts across every channel and create successful email campaigns.

Web push notifications

Capture the Interest of your Contacts using this Newer Channel

Take it above and beyond your competition with web push notifications. Complete your marketing strategy and increase customer loyalty by displaying messages directly on their browser.

Take advantage of Web push with a high subscription and conversion rate. This new channel is also showing a low unsubscription rate and excellent delivery which makes it the perfect new marketing tool.

You get even more opportunities to engage your contacts where it matters to them.

Integration of mobile push notifications to your application

Continuously re-engage your contacts directly on their mobile

Do you have a mobile application and want to keep it in the mind of your customers? No problem! It is now possible to create and add mobile push notifications within the Dialog Insight platform, and thus facilitate the implementation of mobile campaigns.

This allows you to push content directly related to your contacts’ behaviors from both your mobile application and from Dialog Insight.

This personalization linked to the most commonly used device, will become an effective tool to engage or re-engage your users.


Visualize easily and clearly when your campaigns are deployed

Keep track of all your marketing campaigns with the calendar. This feature displays all actions performed and to be performed within the Dialog Insight application automatically. You also have the possibility of integrating your own marketing activities, such as events, meetings, etc.

The calendar is a great tool that will effortlessly help manage your marketing efforts, share your marketing schedule, and view your progress. Do not fatigue your customers and effectively distribute your campaigns throughout the month.

Offline campaigns

Export data to different systems to generate personalized campaigns

For example, improve your POS system by adding additional client information, extract client information for postal mail services, or extract information to call clients directly by phone.

Utilize our adaptative platform to manage and increment every personalization to all your digital and non-digital communications.

It doesn’t stop there!
You will also have access to:

  • RSS Feeds
  • Creating Messages from Excel Files or HTML
  • Creation of Landing Web Pages
  • Responsive Email Templates
  • Interactive Barcodes and Countdowns
  • A/X Tests (content, purpose, time, etc.)
  • Multi-Segment Campaigns

Technical details

Discover all the features of Dialog Insight

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