Marketing performance

Return on investment (ROI)

Continually monitor the profitability of your marketing actions and the effects on your business objectives



Results available in a single click

Whether it is to determine the message with the highest conversion rate or simply to evaluate your communications performance, Dialog Insight offers you simple, fast and effective solutions.

Our analytic tools will equip your business to make educated decisions to offer effective marketing strategies at every turn.


Monitoring e-commerce sales

Add sales conversion to your communication statistics

View the direct sales that are generated from your communications. In the blink of an eye, Dialog Insight displays up-to-date amounts generated on a wide range of campaigns, including those targeting abandoned shopping carts or any other personalized campaign.

Marketing communication revenues have never been easier to observe!

Cost management

Determine your real return on investment

Add direct and indirect costs to your marketing campaigns to be able to demonstrate their effectiveness. Track these elements quickly by connecting all your tools to generate automated reports that will be sent directly to stakeholders.

It doesn’t stop there!
You will also have access to:

  • Visual statistics
  • Automatic calculation of Dialog Insight costs
  • Integration into your e-commerce site
  • Google e-commerce
  • Automatic recovery of your costs (discounts, offers, etc.)
  • Adding all your direct and indirect costs

Technical details
Discover all the features of Dialog Insight

Want to know the details of our features? Download our complete list to get an overview of the capabilities of our technology.

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