A satisfaction survey to constantly improve customer services

Client satisfaction is essential for any company that wants to improve its services and/or products. However, getting this information is not easy and can become quite complex and inefficient when you do business with a network of distributors. So, Fenplast chose Dialog Insight to set up a customer survey system.

Data collection management

To figure out the satisfaction level of clients on rendered services and delivered products, Fenplast wanted to systematize the data collection process and then automate the mailing of a satisfaction survey after purchases. By doing so, they were certain to receive direct feedback from its customers.


Fenplast automated process, Processus automatisés Fenplast

In order to meet Fenplast’s needs, Dialog Insight has put in place an automated service that transfers transaction data from their distributor systems to its platform.

The marketing automation functionalities of the application were used to send invitations to complete a satisfaction survey and to follow-up with clients who did not reply to the survey. The process identifies clients who have made a transaction in a given period and sends them an email with a link to open a satisfaction survey.

Dialog Insight’s survey tool was used to design and create the survey as well as compile statistics.

Survey responses are then automatically sent to the marketing team for client follow-ups.


Customer satisfaction improvement

With its automated information collection process, Fenplast was able to pinpoint the weaknesses of its selling process and significantly improve its onsite and offsite service, and with this, greatly improve its clients’ satisfaction.

“We are really happy to have collaborated with Dialog Insight for this project and have particularly appreciated the flexibility and power of their application. Supported by a devoted client service and high respect of deadlines, the project went smoothly and has provided us with plenty of future digital marketing opportunities”
Sylvain Arbour – Fenplast

Sylvain Arbour

Marketing Director